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TriCounty 2019 Registration Form



TBD Friday: Friday Dates for are reserved for large draws, and may not be necessary
LOCATION: Bradley University & Bradley Park
ALLOWED RESIDENCE: Open to anyone who lives, works, or attends school in Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford counties. Verification of residency may be required
MEMBERSHIP: USTA membership is not required for participation.
WAIVER: A Waiver must be signed by all participants before playing when arriving for first match. Minors must have a Parent or Guardian sign a waiver.


USTA rules will govern. Scoring is 2 out of 3 sets with no-ad until semi-finals; third set will be a 10-point tiebreaker. Semi-Finals and finals will be 2 out of 3 regular sets. Note: An event may not be held if less than 4 players are entered. If a player can not make his or her court time, a default will be automatic. A Default time of 15 minutes will be enforced. Awards will be given to the first and second place winnders in each division. Balls will be provided.

Entry Instructions

Entries Close: DOUBLES & JUNIOR Entries ARE CLOSED. SINGLES entries are extended through July 22 11:59pm. Don't call at 12:01am if you miss the deadline, you won't like the answer.

Number of Entries: Limit 2 Singles and 2 Doubles Divisions per Person
Division Combining: Divisions will be combined if necessary. The Tournament committee reserves the right to adjust entries/divisions as deemed appropriate.
Open Division Age Requirement: In order to play any OPEN division, the participant must be at least 14 years of age
How to Pay: Pay the day of your first match, at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time.
Schedule and Info Entries must be recieved by July 15th. Tournament schedule of play will be available Thursday after 9pm, July 18th on the PTA website. No changes to the schedule will be made after it is posted. All participants must be able to play each day of tournament.
Contact Phone Number for Emergencies/Changes: Bill Cary 309-678-6824
General Easy Questions: email

Entry Fees

Singles: $23 / Division
Doubles: $34 / Team per division
Super Seniors (75 & older) Singles: $10 / Division
Super Seniors (75 & older) Doubles: $16 / Team per division

Adult Beginner Divisions: Entry-level divisions are noted as USTA levels (2.5/3.0). USTA description of a 2.5 player: "This player is learning to judge where the oncoming ball is going and how much swing is needed to return it consistently. Movement to the ball and recovery are often not efficient. Can sustain a backcourt rally of slow pace with other players of similar ability and is beginning to develop strokes. This player is becoming more familiar with the basic positions for singles and doubles, and is ready to play social matches, leagues and low-level tournaments."

Why play beginner divisions?: You may not have played a tournament before, or you just like hitting for fun. The Tri-County event gives you an opportunity to play & meet new people, gain experience, and have a good time with a large group of like-minded tennis enthusiasts. You can play without the worry you are going to face a significantly more experienced player



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