Peoria Tennis Association

Peoria Tennis Association

P.O. Box 3331
Peoria, IL 61612-3331
August Doubles Event Registration Form


DATES: Aug 24th 9am - 11:30am
LOCATION: Glen Oak Park
DIVISIONS: No divisions, no age, ability, or gender groups. Just 1 big free-for-all.
MEMBERSHIP: USTA membership is not required for participation. Pleae be a PTA member
WAIVER: A Waiver must be signed by all participants before playing when arriving for first match. Minors must have a Parent or Guardian sign a waiver.


This is not a standard match play tournament, but a tournament in which all players continuously play matches for the alotted time and are scored based on multiple factors. Rotation: We will be playing 6 game matches where all 6 games are played no matter what (6-0, 3-3, etc). After 6 games that match is over and players will rotate courts and partners. Scoring: 1 point per game won, 1 point per hold at 40-love, 1 point per break at 40-love, 2 points per sucessful 'tweener', and maybe some other ones we make up later

Entry Instructions

Entries Close: Aug 21
How to Pay: Pay at start of event, at least 15 minutes before event start time
Contact Phone Number for Emergencies/Changes: TBD
General Easy Questions:

Entry Fees

Doubles: $10 per person


Doubles Division: