Peoria Tennis Association

Peoria Tennis Association

P.O. Box 3331
Peoria, IL 61612-3331

What Are Summer Leagues?

PTA Summer Leagues are participant organized, flexible schedule leagues. Players are responsible for contacting opponents in their league and coordinating an agreeable schedule and location to play. Please be coordial and flexible when discussing dates. Matches are played in the Peoria area, usually Glen Oak Park, Bradley Park, or any other location that you and your opponent agree.

Both players bring balls to the match and the winner keeps the unopened can of balls.

Match scores then can be reported back to the PTA for tracking, usually available as a form on this page.

For more details on scheduling and scoring matches, or for complete rules see League Instruction & rules (PDF).


How to Sign up: REMOVED FOR 2021

2021 League Player List:

Report a Score: Not posted yet

Entry Fee: $0 for 2021, but we are enforcing membership rules. See Membership page.

NTRP Info: NTRP Help Info (Some help on rating yourself)

PTA Mailbox: PO BOX 3331 Peoria IL 61612

Season Dates: June - Sept 2021.

Location of event: Mutually agreed upon by Players when arranging a match

Address: View a map of local area tennis courts

Prize: TBD

PTA Leagues Coordinator: PERSON NEEDED